Sunday, November 25, 2012


For Jessica, one of our new members of the heart rock collective, her discovery of heart rocks during a painful time in her life offered a gentle reminder of the abundant love that was all around her. Read her story...

I started seeing heart rocks about 5 months after my divorce. I hike 3 days a week and started finding them on my trails. I never was actually looking for them, I just would see one on the trail during my hike. I use my hiking time to self reflect....look at my life as to where it was , where it is and where I would like it to be. I had a rough time it seems over the years. I always seem to attract the wrong men to be involved with. I would find the heart rocks and they would make me smile. The rocks first made me think that love is very much alive in my future. After a few not so great dates, I looked at the rocks of the reminder as to how much I am loved by family and friends.

"I now feel fully healed from my relationship challenges and see the hearts as the hope that love is on the horizon and that I am ready for it:-)"
I have several heart rocks...but the attached is my largest and most perfectly beautiful find. It weighs about 10 pounds..I have 2 pictures attached. One to see its perfect form and the other comparing the size of it against my hand.
I have also attached a picture of a heart air pocket which was in my bread on my birthday dinner made for me by such a wonderful person, my great friend Sharon. I feel blessed.
I read thru a few other heart blog sites...and chose this one as my favorite color is lime green:-)

" Live, Laugh, Love....Life-It is what it is and it was what it every day to its regrets....enjoy the good days and learn from the challenging ones"

10 lbs of Love

It's a BIG Heart Rock!

Heart Air Pocket


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful site. It is so inspiring and I am thankful you posted my story and photos~


Sharon Kotsonas said...

How great it is for my friend Jessica to have found this site! She is truly a heart rock enthusiast! Love is reflected in her daily interaction with everyone she's in contact with, as she always shares positive and encouraging energy much like the energy she finds in heart rocks. I'm a witnessed of her story here and I can tell you Love is all around her.


Anonymous said...

I know this is a old post but this really touched my heart! : ) my husband passed away and I nearly died from crying. I went walking and found a heart shaped rock and knew it was from him. I carried it with me and on my birthday went to get it out of my pocket and it was gone. I called the stores I had been to and scoured where I had been and walked and right when I felt like my spirit was leaving me I heard him say "look down" and there was a big beautiful heart shaped rock. Since then I found thousands and thousands- well over 300 lbs of heart shaped rocks. I know they are from him. They mean the world to me. I love my husband, will forever, and each is like a huge diamond to me. I hope to one day display them for people to see. It is mind boggling how much he loves me. Thank you for letting me share. Who else could I tell.