Sunday, November 25, 2012


For Jessica, one of our new members of the heart rock collective, her discovery of heart rocks during a painful time in her life offered a gentle reminder of the abundant love that was all around her. Read her story...

I started seeing heart rocks about 5 months after my divorce. I hike 3 days a week and started finding them on my trails. I never was actually looking for them, I just would see one on the trail during my hike. I use my hiking time to self reflect....look at my life as to where it was , where it is and where I would like it to be. I had a rough time it seems over the years. I always seem to attract the wrong men to be involved with. I would find the heart rocks and they would make me smile. The rocks first made me think that love is very much alive in my future. After a few not so great dates, I looked at the rocks of the reminder as to how much I am loved by family and friends.

"I now feel fully healed from my relationship challenges and see the hearts as the hope that love is on the horizon and that I am ready for it:-)"
I have several heart rocks...but the attached is my largest and most perfectly beautiful find. It weighs about 10 pounds..I have 2 pictures attached. One to see its perfect form and the other comparing the size of it against my hand.
I have also attached a picture of a heart air pocket which was in my bread on my birthday dinner made for me by such a wonderful person, my great friend Sharon. I feel blessed.
I read thru a few other heart blog sites...and chose this one as my favorite color is lime green:-)

" Live, Laugh, Love....Life-It is what it is and it was what it every day to its regrets....enjoy the good days and learn from the challenging ones"

10 lbs of Love

It's a BIG Heart Rock!

Heart Air Pocket