Saturday, December 4, 2010

Heart Dogs and Heart Rocks...

Hunde Haus of Hope, British Columbia, CA contacted the Heart Rock Collective to share her heart rock story with us. An avid lover of canine critters, Hunde discovers her first heart rocks on a wilderness adventure with her beloved *heart dog* Jack. Read her story on her blog, Hunde Haus: Strolling Through Life One Paw at a Time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is...1 year later

Don't you just love happy endings -- the kind that moves your spirit, makes you swallow hard and catch your breath as a burst of joy washes through you?  

Some of you may remember last December's posting,  Home is Where the Heart Is from Greg Sarles. He shared the poignant story of the tragic loss of his parent's cabin,  "a home away from home."  One of things that made this place special was the heart rock embedded in the hearth.  Greg reached out to the Heart Rock Collective to share his story and ask where he might find a replacement heart rock. One of our HRC readers reached out to him and offered him the gift of some of her heart rocks. Open and receiving.

A few months ago, I received another email from Greg. Reading this one left me with a warm feeling and a permanent smile etched in my heart. Here's the rest of the story as Greg tells it:


One of your reader's  (I believe that her name was Jenna) sent a gift of two-heart
rocks and a "Heart-Rocks" book to me this past December after you had posted
the story of my parents cabin fire.  I in-turn presented Jenna's gifts to my parents at
Christmas.  My usually reserved parents both reacted with sincere joy and hope in
receiving such a thoughtful gift.  I just want to express my thanks to you and Jenna
for sharing your heart and hearts!

I have included a couple of photos of the hearts solid in their new hearth.

Greg Sarles

PS...Hear is the original story...

In 1990 my parents built the cabin of their dreams on Ten-Mile Lake in
 Northern Minnesota. The most amazing feature of the cabin was the
field-stone fireplace rising from the floor to the ceiling 25 feet overhead.
We spent hours looking for faces, animals, and hidden objects within the
rocks of this majestic fireplace. In the middle of the fireplace was a beautiful
heart-shaped stone that my mother had insisted that the builders center in the
rock formation.
This past weekend, the cabin burned to the ground. Only the fireplace stands intact.
But the intense heat caused a majority of the rocks to explode, shatter, or crack.
Although all of the personal belongings and family heirlooms in the house were
lost, we feel extremely blessed that no one was home at the time of the fire,
especially considering that the entire family was planning on spending the holidays
together at the cabin this coming weekend.

The cabin was insured and a new structure will soon replace the former, but the
"broken-heart" pictured is very symbolic of the loss. I would love to surprise my
mom with another heart-shaped stone which she could use to anchor the new cabin.
Please contact me if you know of where I could purchase such a heart!

Monday, June 14, 2010

'I Got the Blues...'

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Found this heart rock at Great Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Concord, MA. (Took a little artistic license with the image)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Heart Rock Sculptures...

Hi, I've collected heart shaped rocks from around the world, and after gathering several thousand of them, I wanted to display them in a way I could enjoy them.  Here are some of the results.  ~ Rives McDow  (April 19, 2010)

To see more of Rive's work....check out his sculptures on flickr.

Collective Garden of Serenity

What am I going to do with all these rocks?

If you're a voracious rock collector, like myself, you've probably pondered this question many times.

The idea of a desk 'rock garden' emerged one day at work with my desire to create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere for our clients and colleagues upon first entering our office suite.  Someplace to relax...a place of refuge from the demands of the work day. 

It started with a few simple know how that goes. The 'rock' garden continued to grow as colleagues and friends dropped by the office with gifts of rocks and shells from their vacation and travels. When someone asked about where I found all these rocks, I'd smile and then begin to share the stories behind each rock. 

My former colleague, Barbara, told me that as she trekked through the deserts of Arizona, she remembered my love of rocks. She slipped a few precious finds in her backpack to bring back for my collection.

Strangers would pass by my office window; stop to admire the garden and a few would venture into the office to share their passion for rocks.

One colleague joked that soon my desk will be covered in rocks and there would be no desktop to work (yes! that is my plan ;)

How do you share your 'heart' rocks? We'd love to see/hear how you spread the love with your collections...please send your stories to

Thursday, March 25, 2010

For where your treasure is there is your heart...

Thanks to Shelley Stejer for sharing her 'heart rock' story with us on the Heart Rock Collective.

Found all these in about an hour without even looking, and about 8 more later. Every time I looked down, there were more. I keep wondering what this means. I found them the day we purchased and took ownership of a small piece of land on a lake. They were all found right at the entrance to the land in front of the gate :)

Shelly Stejer

Friday, March 12, 2010

Grace in Rocks

A beautiful reminder that thoughtful gestures 'with heart' and from the heart offer grace to the giver and receiver. Read Jane Kovacs heart rock story...Grace in Rocks.