Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heart(s) in Focus - Creativeheart: inspired from nature, created from the heart

'Hearts in Focus' is a weekly post that will highlight the latest images and stories related to matters of the heart, as well as introduce you to our newest members and contributors at the HRC.

It's always a blessing to meet and hear from other kindred spirits who love collecting, photographing and writing about heart rocks and heart-shaped images as much as I do.

Enjoy one of our latest additions to the Heart Rock Collective...

What would you do...how far would you go to pursue the desires of your heart? How much would you be willing to sacrifice to listen to and follow where your heart leads?

In her beautiful and delightfully inspiring book entitled, "Love is Everywhere", Tracy Kelly offers a visual smorgasbord of images and thoughts from the heart as experienced along her personal journey of following her heart's desires.

"After a trip to Europe in 2008 in which I followed my heart, I created a little inspirational photo book called Love is Everywhere...all about following your heart with some of the hearts I found on my journey.

I passionately believe in getting the message out that our hearts are our teachers and guides, and that we should follow their guidance for a loving and joyful life."

Check out her beautiful photography and natural handmade gifts, inspired by nature and created from the heart.

Many blessings,


Clytie said...

Tracy's hearts are heartwarming! I love her collection.


creativeheart said...

I can't begin to thank you enough Kimberly for sharing my work!

Thank you for allowing me to touch more hearts!!!