Saturday, April 25, 2009

Somebody Mend this Broken Heart!

How would you respond if you encountered a broken heart (rock)? Yours or someone else? What would you do?

Compelled to take action, Troy Walters, a fellow heart rocker from the 'Land Down Under' shares with us his response...

Hi my name is Troy, an Aussie who takes interest in the oddities that nature presents to me and during my walk on North Beach in Wollongong, NSW, Australia I came across a blue grey heart shaped rock that was broken diagonally in two, I guess some teenager must of pegged it against another rock with intent to break this heart for kicks. Anyhow it's a shame it was broken but yet I was fascinated how perfectly this rock was shaped into a heart so I took some photos and I felt compelled to write a message in the sand for this rock so I wrote in the sand "Somebody mend this broken heart!" as the first thing that came to mind was that classic Bee Gees ballad "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart" and I photographed it. I didn't take it with me as it symbolizes a broken heart and I'd probably would feel broken hearted hehehehe, nah I felt it would be better left at the beach with the message and it will be interesting to wonder how many beach walkers would see the rock and message and what their reactions to it will be. Anyhow I decided to google heart rocks out of curiosity and I came across your blog spot displaying other peoples heart rock discoveries and their stories so I thought I'd share my story too.