Thursday, August 6, 2009

Healing a Broken Heart...Tasmanian style

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Benny, another heart-rock collector from the 'Land Down Under' shares this powerful story of how a Tasmanian 'get-away' offered solace and peace for a broken heart...

"Oh wow, in response to Troy... As it happens I've lived in Wollongong for 7 years and recently I had my heart broken in many places, not so much by a lover, but by 'life'... everything that could was going wrong... So a friend in Tasmania suggested I could visit for as long as I needed.
The town in Tassie is on the beach. I decided to explore the beach with my old dog and I was surprised to see a lovely heart shaped rock. I took that as a lovely gift from God and nature and took it with me. The next day, I walked along that same beach and everywhere I looked, there were heart shaped rocks. I collected another 3. Two days later I decided to take my dog to another beach and I went back to my friends place with my arms loaded with heart shaped rocks of much bigger size! In all, in 4 days, without even trying, I collecetd 17 heart shaped rocks from just a few centimetres across to some quite hefty ones... but the most amazing one is one that I found just a couple of days ago, same beach, which looked so real in colour, size, shape and proportion that I actually squirmed as the surf washed over it and touched it's blood red shape... I hoped I wasn't seeing a real heart that someone had dropped on the beach, improbably from the butcher or something grizzly... and I quickly poked it, fully expecting it to wobble like the real thing, but, it was just, thank goodness, another rock! The interesting thing is that I lived in Wollongong and I just love it there, but nothing was working out... I came to Tassie where I have no intention of staying forever, and yet, I have found a quiet peace here and a whole collection of heart shaped rocks!"

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