Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Law of Attraction: A Magnet for Heart Rocks

Troy, our heart-rocker, from Australia, knows how to find heart rocks. Learn his 'secret' to successful heart rock finds as he recounts this sequel to his previous post, Somebody Mend This Broken Heart.

The next couple of weeks following the finding of that broken heart rock, I decided to look for more heart rocks and walked down the same beach and the adjacent pebbly beach a couple more times. As I have recently taken an interest in The Secret and The Law Of Attraction, I put the law of attraction into practice to find more heart rocks and indeed I have found several more heart rocks including two that are perfectly shaped into hearts (one being of petrified wood), I have gladly taken these heart rocks and kept them in my collection of other rocks of interest I've picked up off the beaches. Also to my amazement I went to my local Woolworths supermarket to do grocery shopping and when I was getting some potatoes I found a siameze potato which was heart shaped and I bought it with the other potatoes. Anyhow here's some photos of my heart rock collection and potato heart.



Annie said...

wow it seems that law of attraction really works for you. hope it mend your broken heart. hehehe

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Stardust said...

Surely, the heart is well healed with the tenderness of God.

God keep my eyes open!! I want heart rock so so much! =P

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Stardust, keep believing you'll find one! I know a heart rock awaits your discovery... somewhere there is one out there for you! May God's love be made visible to you in a tangible and meaningful way (preferably in the shape of a heart ;-)something that is unique to your relationship with Him. He knows each of so intimately...and knows what's in our hearts. Love is patient...

Benny said...

Oh wow, in response to Troy... As it happens I've lived in Wollongong for 7 years and recently I had my heart broken in many places, not so much by a lover, but by 'life'... everything that could was going wrong... So a friend in Tasmania suggested I could visit for as long as I needed.

The town in Tassie is on the beach. I decided to explore the beach with my old dog and I was surprised to see a lovely heart shaped rock. I took that as a lovely gift from God and nature and took it with me.
The next day, I walked along that same beach and everywhere I looked, there were heart shaped rocks. I collected another 3.
Two days later I decided to take my dog to another beach and I went back to my friends place with my arms loaded with heart shaped rocks of much bigger size!

In all, in 4 days, without even trying, I collecetd 17 heart shaped rocks from just a few centimetres across to some quite hefty ones... but the most amazing one is one that I found just a couple of days ago, same beach, which looked so real in colour, size, shape and proportion that I actually squirmed as the surf washed over it and touched it's blood red shape... I hoped I wasn't seeing a real heart that someone had dropped on the beach, improbably from the butcher or something grizzly... and I quickly poked it, fully expecting it to wobble like the real thing, but, it was just, thank goodness, another rock!

The interesting thing is that I lived in Wollongong and I just love it there, but nothing was working out... I came to Tassie where I have no intention of staying forever, and yet, I have found a quiet peace here and a whole collection of heart shaped rocks!

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Benny -- what an amazing story! Heart rocks seem to offer a special healing for you. I'd love to post your comment as it's own story on the HRC. I think others would appreciate your experience.

-- Kimberly