Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home is Where the Heart Is...

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Greg Sarles emailed the HRC to share this poignant story of the tragic loss of his family's home. Nothing touches the human heart more deeply than the loss of one's dreams, priceless memories and the treasured place one calls "home".

This Christmas season, my wish for Greg and his family is one of hope for the future. May they rebuild their new home upon a solid foundation of loving memories and long sought after dreams. Home is where the heart is...

In 1990 my parents built the cabin of their dreams on Ten-Mile Lake in Northern Minnesota. The most amazing feature of the cabin was the field-stone fireplace rising from the floor to the ceiling 25 feet overhead. We spent hours looking for faces, animals, and hidden objects within the rocks of this majestic fireplace. In the middle of the fireplace was a beautiful heart-shaped stone that my mother had insisted that the builders center in the rock formation.

This past weekend, the cabin burned to the ground. Only the fireplace stands intact. But the intense heat caused a majority of the rocks to explode, shatter, or crack. Although all of the personal belongings and family heirlooms in the house were lost, we feel extremely blessed that no one was home at the time of the fire, especially considering that the entire family was planning on spending the holidays together at the cabin this coming weekend.

The cabin was insured and a new structure will soon replace the former, but the "broken-heart" pictured is very symbolic of the loss. I would love to surprise my mom with another heart-shaped stone which she could use to anchor the new cabin. Please contact me if you know of where I could purchase such a heart!

Greg Sarles


What better Christmas gift to give than to share one's heart. Any Heart Rock Collector who would like to share a "heart" with Greg, please contact the heartrockcollective@gmail.com!!


Stardust said...

I'm sorry to hear about Greg's loss and thankful at the same time that his loved ones are protected from harm.

I'd love to send a heart over should I find anything outstanding, palm- sized? The broken one sure looks big to me. I'm sure God has it somewhere.

Popping by to drop a this : Merry Christmas and a blessed 2010!

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Stardust, that's very sweet and generous of you! There's definitely an outpouring of love and heart rocks in response to this post!! I'll be in touch via email with Greg's contact information if you'd like to contact him directly.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a Wonder and Hope-filled New Year!