Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Collective Garden of Serenity

What am I going to do with all these rocks?

If you're a voracious rock collector, like myself, you've probably pondered this question many times.

The idea of a desk 'rock garden' emerged one day at work with my desire to create a welcoming and peaceful atmosphere for our clients and colleagues upon first entering our office suite.  Someplace to relax...a place of refuge from the demands of the work day. 

It started with a few simple know how that goes. The 'rock' garden continued to grow as colleagues and friends dropped by the office with gifts of rocks and shells from their vacation and travels. When someone asked about where I found all these rocks, I'd smile and then begin to share the stories behind each rock. 

My former colleague, Barbara, told me that as she trekked through the deserts of Arizona, she remembered my love of rocks. She slipped a few precious finds in her backpack to bring back for my collection.

Strangers would pass by my office window; stop to admire the garden and a few would venture into the office to share their passion for rocks.

One colleague joked that soon my desk will be covered in rocks and there would be no desktop to work (yes! that is my plan ;)

How do you share your 'heart' rocks? We'd love to see/hear how you spread the love with your collections...please send your stories to

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