Monday, July 7, 2008

Stealing Hearts in Malibu

Large mauve colored heart rock from Malibu Beach, CA (June '07)

A Brother's Love

Last summer, my brother Chris invited me out to southern California for a visit. Finances were tight; I couldn't afford the plane fare. Knowingly, he purchased a ticket for me to fly out (not once, but twice) last year to spend time with him.
His heart eclipses the one pictured above. How would you describe someone like my brother? His joie de vrie permeates his whole life. His wisdom exceeds his youth. I marvel at his ability to understand and accept himself - always seeming to move beyond the self-doubts and fears in confident stride. I find his generosity, caring and concern towards others incredibly genuine and selfless. Did we emerge from the same womb? :-)

So...back to my visit...

Everywhere we went in California was a special adventure. The itinerary on one particular day trip included a drive up the coastline -- destination Malibu beach. After a couple of hours spent lolling in the hot shifting sands and walking amidst the pounding surf it was time to pack up and head home. My feet dragged slowly as I headed towards the parking lot. Just one more rock...that's all I wanted to find...just one more.
My two-year old inner child emerged ready for a full-on temper tantrum! My face flushed crimson as my selfishness overtook my sensibility. I was determined not to leave empty-handed. I frantically began searching for a heart rock. I told myself that I couldn't leave Malibu without one. My brother 'lovingly' gave me the 20 second "It's time to go!" warning (heart-rock withdrawal started to overtake me). I shot a quick prayer to God hoping to find a BIG heart rock before time ran out. Typically, my prayers to God don't include demands or 'wish lists', but this was a special situation; time was of the essence. A sign post or billboard with a directional would suffice- something unmistakable. An 11th hour miracle prayer never hurts either. Just as we passed an outcropping of rocks, a flash of mauve caught my eye. I thought to myself, "It couldn't be, could it?". I sprinted over to a rock wedged between two others. Just the corner was visible...just enough to pique one's curiosity. One swift tug on the rock did the trick. I flashed a Cheshire grin towards my brother as I hoisted up a HUGE heart-shaped rock. Unbelievable! I stole a few 'hearts' in Malibu ~ Writings from the Heart Rock Collective

Side note: Early this year, Chris and TJ moved to Sweden with the 'girls' Lily & Zoey. Before they even left US soil, an invitation was extended to visit them overseas. So yet another great adventure awaits. This Friday, I'm hopping across the pond for two weeks - itinerary: Road trippin' to Italy. Maybe I'll steal a few 'hearts' in Italy!

Will post again when I return sometime in early August.
Happy Heart Rock hunting to all!


Stardust said...

Amazing! I've never seen one all my life!

I hope you'll have a rewarding trip to Italy. =)

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Stardust,keep your eyes and heart open...the heart rocks have always been experience is that they become visible as our awareness grows.

My prayer for you...that a steady flow of God's love flows through your life showering you with heart rocks strewn along your path as gentle reminders of His love.

Peace :-)

Stardust said...

Thank you... what a prayer. I'll like to be reminded of His love in anyway He desires to, and of course, through heart rocks too! =D