Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Wishes!

Tomorrow's my birthday! Thursday, July 31st. My birthday wish for the coming year is for God to continue to change and transform my heart. I pray that anything that blocks me from giving and receiving love be removed...let the barriers, the hurts and wounds be healed by God's loving mercy and grace. May I have a heart for service, a heart for healing, a heart for worship and a heart to share with others.

Since returning from my vacation, heart rocks appear in my travels on a daily basis. Wherever I look, I find one or two hearts. What's really curious is that many of them I find in the cracks in the sidewalk. Very tiny heart stones tucked quietly amidst the odd...why do I find so many of them here? Want to know my theory? The souls that need love the most, to know that they are loved, usually walk downcast eyes, shoulders slumped weary by the burdens of the day. They're more likely to see them. God seems to be leading me to do more with my heart rocks...not just collect them, catalog them and photograph them, but to share them with others - to share the important messages contained in the heart rocks themselves. I pray that God continues to lead and direct the purpose of this blog and my passion for work with transformation of the heart and spirit. May my heart continue to open to the love around me that I might share it with others.



Stardust said...

Oh, I'm late. Happy Belated Birthday. May all your dreams come true and prayers answered. God bless...

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...


Thanks for the birthday wishes! What a lovely surprise to come home and find your message. According to EST, you're right on time :-)

Blessings in your day!

sharilyn said...

i hope your birthday was the happiest! and i pray today in agreement with your awesome birthday prayer! may it be unto you as you have prayed... God truly loves and honors such requests! i just discovered your blog and look forward to reading back-posts... (just started my own this week!) i had no idea there were others out there with the 'heart rock' thing goin' on! God is sooo cool! ~sharilyn

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Just catching up on post comments...thanks so much for the birthday wishes and prayers! There is power in prayer.